Summer Program

Summer Tutor Fun
Are you wanting your students to continue learning and advancing towards fluency, but feel the summer vacation is a little set-back. We offer a variety of different options of language classes. Typically our summer programs will consist of anything from 4-15 classes and will last 1 hour. We are available Monday-Saturday from June to August. Host a few of your child's friends in your home and get a little free time to yourself while your child has fun and learns at the same time:

The Play Group
Your language instructor will come armed with board games and other fun activities for rainy days, and when the weather permits we go outside. It's a fun way to learn a language in a relaxed setting.

The Artist
We do project orientated language learning. Glue, paint, color, cut and design are key words in this group. Watch the projects unfold while your engaged students learn and speaks in their target language. An extra supply fee of $3 per student per class is added.

The Book Club
Your language instructor will asses the levels of the students and bring books to read and discuss. This club is for students who aspire to read in their target language (beginning to advance levels). We will write a book review when we are done. For the Kindergarteners -2nd graders we also offer a chance to paint or draw a picture about the book. The students will present the works at the end of the session.

The Writer
Adding a little more grammar and writing skills to your students language abilities, will add a whole new dimension to their language learning. We will design and write our own little book. Discuss a theme, set up the characters, and the story line, and finally put it all together so we can read it to each other on the last day.


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