Programs & Languages

Program Overview

  • Global Language Lab runs once or twice weekly throughout the year.
  • GLL completes all program organization, curriculum writing, teacher recruiting, class scheduling, and parent communication.
  • Opportunities for fun cultural foreign language summer camp can be discussed.
  • Classes meet before or after school hours depending on the school logistics.


Global Language Lab offers customized curriculum based on the learning objectives for each classroom in the following languages:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Hebrew


Our Goals

The program subscribes to the belief that all students should learn a foreign language and that this instruction should begin as early as possible, therefore, Global Language Lab provides through the support of the PTA, an invaluable enhancement to the already existing curriculum.

  • We strive to ensure our students’ compatibility when entering foreign language studies later in their academic careers.
  • We provide students with skills needed to interact in a foreign language in a classroom setting, as well as, achieve the confidence, which will enable them to use their knowledge outside the classroom.
  • The program will teach understanding and appreciation of foreign languages and their cultures.
  • In order to expand and enhance communication in our multicultural, multilingual society, we will help create for students connections with other people and communities in the world and at home, which will offer opportunities for lifelong relationships and learning.
  • The program helps create opportunities for enhancing overall learning abilities in other curricula.
  • The program will help enable students to begin to develop a sense of "globality" that is crucial in today’s world, which is increasingly becoming “smaller”.
  • As universities and colleges all over the United States develop global programs in order to meet today’s academic needs, we also value the effort of creating a more international environment in our schools, and, therefore, recruit mostly native speaking teachers.

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