E-Learning with GLL

Welcome back! Languages offered this year are Spanish and French so LET'S GO!

Our classes are designed to be transferred to the classroom as soon as schools open and safe for our students. If the times your school have chosen for the foreign language learning does not fit your schedule, feel free to sign up for any of the other times available. We want to accommodate your schedule!

This year we are going on a journey in our community. We will explore our village and all it entails. We will design our own imaginary village, go shopping at the market, explore the classroom, and much more.

Vocabulary your student will learn in the 2020/21 curriculum
-School and classroom (school and classroom layout, subjects, distance, classroom verbs, grammar)
-My house (rooms, furniture, weather and climate, garden, activities, traditions)
-Shopping (numbers, math, market, shops)
-The village (buildings, professions, body parts, organs)
-My village (design your own village, drawings, presentations)

What to expect from us
*Experienced teachers with in-depth knowledge of language and culture.
*Confidence building activities.
*Foreign language immersion through conversation, acting, singing, craft-making and writing.
*Empowerment through role play.
*New GLL curriculum and workbook every year.
*Vocab videos posted every week to our YouTube channel

Vocab videos
Our videos are posted to GLL Educational channel on YouTube Please have your student sit with the videos a couple of times per week. The weekly vocabulary will coordinate with the vocab videos.

Once per week, either from the workbooks or from the teacher.

Prices are listed upon registration

How do I pay?
Venmo: @kira-maar
Zelle: kiramaar@comcast.net
Check: 421 Bel Air Drive, Glenview IL 60025
PayPal: paypal.me/kiramaar