Global Language Lab inspires students to love learning a foreign language and exploring different cultures.

We bring elementary school students in Illinois, the opportunity to learn a foreign language in a fun, immersive, playful classroom setting. 


GLL, Serving the North Shore

About Global Language Lab

Global Language Lab was founded in 2006 as an affordable extra curriculum foreign language program. Through our playful immersion program, we strive to develop in children an appreciation for diversity and community. We achieve our mission by expanding the student’s understanding of the customs, songs, and day-to-day experiences one might encounter in the countries studied. This empowers them with confidence in their ability to begin to communicate in their chosen language. We found that most students who go through Global Language Lab during their time in elementary school, do better than non-GLL students in middle school foreign language classes. GLL classes increases confidence and prepares them for a positive path to middle school learning.

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 Our Curriculum

GLL is a student-focused program with a personalized curriculum. The subjects studied vary to continually engage the students, and the themes change every year to ensure “freshness” among returning students. GLL follows the National and Illinois standards for foreign language learning. Once a week the teachers send their personal newsletter home to the GLL families.

Our Teachers

GLL pays its teachers the highest salary of any of the foreign language programs in the Chicago area to attract the best and most experienced teachers. Most of the GLL teachers have ESL or early childhood teaching certifications. All GLL teachers have a minimum of three years experience in teaching to Kindergarten through fifth grade students. GLL holds teacher-training sessions several times a year to make sure teachers stay up to date with ongoing national foreign language learning research. Learn more about our teachers.